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Wow -- what an effective way to get centered -- body-mind-spirit. Not to mention energized and focused. Before my first appointment with Kitt, I was entirely skeptical. I was encouraged to "give it a try" by my best friend who reported an amazing experience her first time with Kitt. That was in Sept. 2009.  Well, I immediately realized the benefit of Kitt's professional therapeutic impact on me; not to mention the in-depth insightful knowledge she provides. Every session is as much a personally tailored education as it is therapeutic. As a result, I am a healthier centered being. I remained a regular client every two weeks; until February 2011 when I moved out of state.  I have a great respect & gratitude for the skill & knowledge that Kitt delivers. She definitely has a unique ability that I have yet to find elsewhere.  I continue to recommend Kitt.  She's the real deal.
Dave Berendt      Financial Entrepreneur

"I had injured my lower back from lifting heavy boxes.   Kitt worked to release the blockage and over the next week I could feel the pain slowly working its way down my leg and finally pass through the bottom of my foot."    TLB,   Financial Analyst

"From the moment Kitt touched my feet I felt energy pulsing strongly through my body.  The effect was one of tranquality and peace.  I felt the whole time that she directed all her energy & compassion toward me."   Latitia B.,  Adm. Director

"Kitt's unique healing abilities easily blends various modalities specific to each individual needs.  I felt wonderful after my session, allowing my body to begin its healing journey.  She is a great resource and guide to help you through this wonderful process."  Sharon C.,   Sales & Marketing

"I suffered discomfort stemming from herniated discs in my lower back for many years.  Since entering Kitt's care, all of my discomforts have been lessened, and many others have disappeared.  Her techniques succeed with issues that others in the health field (chiropractic, physical therapists, M.D's & other forms of massage therapy) were unable to address."    Rick S.,   Scientist

I have been seeing Kitt for well over a year, I love our sessions.  Our conversations are informative and thought provoking.  The body and energy work has taken me to a level hard to describe.  I can tell you that I have experienced true peace, tranquility and a love and protection that I have never had before.  I would highly recommend her services and I have.    A. Shuttie ,  Trucking Terminal Mgr.

I started going to Kitt to find relief from stress.  Not only does Kitt de-stress my body and restore my energy flow while I am with her, she has taught me techniques to keep my stress levels under control on a day-to-day basis.  I have been battling stress induced migraines for years and can now go months without a single migraine.  A visit to Kitt is a true healing experience.     JHL,  Accountant

"D​uring my first massage/energy session I entered an unprecedented state of relaxation and I knew I was hooked!  And now my husband and I both see Kitt regularly."    LS,   Major Insurance Executive

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