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In order for your body to respond to healing you need internal energy systems; chakras, currents and meridian or nadis balanced and running efficiently But if you only have an energy practitioner stop there, you seriously shortchange yourself.

Your subtle energetic fields, that are around the body, need attention too.  These subtle bodies are; the emotional body, the mental body and the spirit body.  They layer themselves around the physcial body.  Seers can see the aura which is the 1st of the subtle bodies, the emotional body.  Now people are able to photograph this field. These fields exsist and have everything to do with your health.

The subtle energetic bodies organize and later manifest in the physical body.  What that means is that whatever is happening in the mind and emotions is going to eventually show up in your body.  It is like a template to the physical realm.

​So if there are blockages, trapped emotions, and negative thought forms congesting your subtle bodies, chances are high that your physical body is reacting to this by manifesting disease, illness and imbalance. 

​The techniques of  "BalancePoint Bodywork", which blends 4 energy modalities and Therapeutic Massage restore harmony to the whole system achieving more permanent results in the physical body. I work on the body and above it to balance the subtle bodies.

The energy coming into your chakras which in turn is circulated through your currents and meridians which in turn creates your aura is only as good as the energy coming through the emotional and mental bodies.  You've heard "garbage in / garbage out"......  
Mind/Body & Energy
My Role and Yours

My role is to clear debris and imbalance out of your subtle bodies, get energy systems flowing freely and restore the communication between your organs, cells and physical systems/processes so your body has the opportunity to transform and your authentic self has the space to emerge.  It is up to you to make sure you are doing all you can to help that transformation occur;  eating right, adequate sleep, visualization, exercise, supplements/herbs, changing your thought patterns, stress reduction and seeing your doctor when needed.

By you and I working as a team, we'll tap your energy system for clues regarding long buried or deeply hidden issues.  Then by following the cues of your individual energy system, I clear out the heaviness of the emotional and mental fields and free congestion.  The energy used to suppress those negative emotions can now be re-directed to their intended use -- creating balance, harmony and health in your mind, body and spirit.