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Its Not Chicken Anymore!

by Kitt Lockett on 11/15/11

When buying chicken from the store, in the past few months, after cooking the chicken it looked different.  The texture and the taste was different.  Its grain came apart like string cheese and the look was a cross between chicken, pork and fat.  What is it....... the way they are feeding the chickens, or is it the new cloning that is allowed now??  Anyone out there seeing this, please give me your thoughts.

A User's Manual for Life?

by Kitt Lockett on 10/20/11

You are more than your personality. The soul is having an experience thru you. You have free will to do as you wish in every moment. To hang on to pain, resentment, anger, revenge, etc. Or, you can forgive and let go of those thought forms that have vibrations that make the body ill. Forgiving is not for those who have done whatever...... It is for you. Let go of the heaviness, you don't have to carry it any longer.

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Life didn't come with a user manual....until now. 

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