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Energy Medicine  is the science and study of the energy currents, chakras, meridians, nadis, and the nervous systems and how they relate to the physiology and anatomy of the physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies.  All of these components are plugged into the soul of the body.  Practitioners educate the client of the language of the body and why symptoms of dis-ease of the body and/or acute or chronic pain is surfacing.  Clients can leave clothing on and experience an array of different types of touch; lite to firm pressure, some rocking, and still points of holding.  Practitioners are  balancing energy systems, nervous systems, opening and balancing chakras, moving and connecting currents as well changing the vibration of the body.

The following are modalities offered:

​Polarity Therapy (energy therapy) is an energy modality that puts it all together with the study of the chakras and their corresponding element; Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth (with their emotional and mental qualities),  the 3 currents of the body, and how the anatomy and physiological systems interplay with the energy of the body.  Protocols of Polarity show patterns of either harmony or disharmony within and around the physical, emotional and mental bodies.   Polarity has Auyervedic, Chinese influence.  The energy work and philosophy is one of treating the body in a holistic manner;  with energetic bodywork,  understanding energetic foods,  energetic movement  and how thought pattern behaviors reflect itself in the body.   
At BalancePoint Holistic, we take care to provide our clients with the best healing touch and energetic therapies.  Along with body work, each session includes consultation/education so the client can begin to become empowered to understand what the language of the body communicates or reflects through symptoms and emotional and mental activity.

Reiki (energy therapy) is the channeling of life force from practitioner to client through out their body.  Practitioners are taught to channel from source so as not to deplete their own energy.  This intention is powerful as it allows the life force energy to move freely where needed,  (physical, emotional, mental and spirit body's are effected) thereby facilitating the innate abilities of the healing system of the client to "jump start" its self.  A sense of peace and well being is often the sense clients experience during and after the session.  

Reflexology (energy therapy) is a system or mapping of points on the feet or hands (of the body) that practitioners use to engage "point to reflex"  areas within the body.  This is often used at the beginning of the session to not only relax the client but also facilitate the body's healing abilities immediately.

Cranial Sacral (energy therapy)  is a "listening" of the body; its pulses, bubbling, waves, and currents (tides), which is engaging the cerebral fluids within and around the cerebrum, spine and sacrum.  The practitioner will hold or touch the cranium (head) and/or spine or sacrum in a variety of positions.  This modality is powerful yet non evasive in the way it interplays with the Central Nervous System allowing major healing and releasing.

Therapeutic Massage  is where a licensed massage therapist will address the muscles, joints,  stagnant lymphatics, and any stress/soreness/limitation of the body.  Movement of blood flow and lymph fluids stimulates optimal bodily functions.  The extensive understanding of physiology and anatomy helps the therapist to see how the pathology (symptoms) the client comes in with can be influenced by massage and all the modalities described above.

Belly Breath (Prana - life force) The awareness of how we breath and from where we breath is a VERY IMPORTANT tool to healing the body.  The first thing on the table the client learns breath work  that raises the belly that is actually engaging the diaphragm.  With this simple use of the breath,  your life force,  will course thru you in a different way, a way that influences the central nervous system and the immediate change of brain waves,  and thus allows the body to begin its healing and letting go of heaviness and tension within.

Intention  With every session clients will set an "intention".  Clients will learn the power of their thoughts and the way to set intention within their energetic fields.  Statements of intention whether to let go of certain emotions or symptoms or incorporating other qualities or emotions is set in place before the session.  This tool is also used for manifestation. 

Holistic Consultation  is an educational tool offered to the client each time he/she walks in the door.  The body changes by the moment, given all the thoughts and emotions that race thru the mind.  The symptoms and challenges of the body therefore change by the moment.  We educate, empower and consult with each session what the language of the body is reflecting.  Reasoning with the client how possible responses to life can change the mental and emotional body's thereby the physiology and dis-eases and symptoms of the body.

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Crystal Therapy (energy therapy)  is the use of a variety of different gems or crystals that are placed on or around the client.  Everything has vibration and the use of crystals significantly heightens healing aspects of the body.  Crystals have been used for millennia in healing practices.  They are typically placed on chakras and above the head and at the feet.  Stones can "take the show" or are used in conjunction with energy work and Reiki.

Sound Therapy/ Tuning Forks (vibrational therapy) Tuning forks are healing tools to alter the vibration of your body.  Tuning forks rhythmically align to your body's natural state by bringing the nervous system, muscle tone, and organs into harmonic balance.  Once you bring your body back to its natural rhythm, you can maintain a state of optimal health.